World Series Not Enough Payback?

MLB: SEP 30 American League Wild Card - A's at Royals

By AJ Verdini

The Kansas City royals have been “quietly signaling their intent to seek retribution against the Mets” reported by the newspaper Newsday In game three of the World Series Mets starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard threw a fast ball at leadoff man Alcides Escobar. Newspaper Newsday’s source indicated the Royals were still upset about the incident and planned to retaliate on opening night at Kauffman stadium.

The report had the Kansas City Royals clubhouse laughing and joking about the matter. Ned Yost was quick to respond saying “We haven’t even thought about it, our retribution was winning the World Series.”

The Royals and Mets are playing Sunday night. This will be the first time in Major League history where the two teams who played in the World Series in the Previous year face off on Opening day. Edinson Volquez will be facing off against Matt Harvey. Game two will be Syndergaard against Ian Kennedy.

Edinson Volquez was quoted saying “You know, if they mess with one of us guys here, you’re going to find a lot of people to care of it. But there’s nothing wrong with what he did last year. I think he was trying to pitch inside and the ball just got away from him.”




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