World Series Odds



With baseball season upon us everyone who is not up to date on the latest baseball trends (because lets be honest a lot of people do not get really into baseball until after the all star break) turn to Vegas to see what teams have the best odds to win it all.

The Chicago Cubs who have the longest Championship drought in American sport spanning  108 years have the best odds to win the World Series at 9/2. The Cubs have a scary lineup with their 1-6 hitters all being all star caliber players. I watched Ben Zobrist play the second half of last season in Kansas City and he is just awesome. He hits the ball well, gets on base, and he is the best utility player in the league in my opinion.

I think the Cubs can definitely make the playoffs, but its just to early to tell who will make it, injuries  happen, players can have droughts and bad seasons. You just never know with baseball, that is the beauty of the sport.


The Royals have gone to the World Series the last two seasons, losing by 90ft in 2014 and winning it off of questionable but great in the moment instinctive base running by Eric Hosmer. The Royals looked great on Opening Night against the Mets. They do not seem to have any sort of championship hang over. Its one game though and a long season ahead of the Royals in a competitive central division which will take around 92 games to win in my opinion. The Royals win the division and make another playoff run but get cut off by Astros seeking revenge after last years epic series between the two teams.


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