Tesla Model 3

Tesla released its latest electric car, the Tesla Model 3, on March 31, with a low price and a 2017 delivery date. Elon Musk “heralded the model 3 as a wat to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport.”

The Model 3 had over 180,000 orders in just 24 hrs, averaging about $42k every purchase. So in just a day Tesla made around $7.5B. That is good for Tesla stock owners which have seen Tesla’s stock rise by 9.93 (3.39). Tesla’s goal is to sell 500,000 electric vehicles a year by the year 2020. This may seem a tad ambitious but when you look at the numbers it is not out of reach for Elon Musk and Tesla to achieve.

The Tesla Model 3 comes out in 2017 and gets 215 miles in a single charge making this car very suitable for people who live in suburban or city areas of the country. Tesla installs a charging station in your garage when they deliver your car so you are able to charge your car for free and overnight while you are asleep or not using the car so it will always be ready to use. The Model 3 can go zero to sixty in under six seconds giving you that thrill of a faster sportier car while still having the appeal of a sedan. It sits 5 comfortably, it is extremely safe, and it has autopilot hardware.

I currently drive a Nissan Altima and I like it but I have always dreamed of driving a Tesla ever since they came out, but they were always so pricey. With the Model 3 starting around $35k the Tesla’s are getting cheaper and cheaper. I want to make a Tesla my next purchase as a car, not just because of the sleek look, great safety perks, but the energy efficiency it will bring to my life with the car being an electric car.



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