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Rings Fit for Royalty 


Yesterday at Kauffman Stadium the Kansas City Royals received their 2015 championship rings. I was fortunate enough to win a State Championship in football and receive ring. When I got this ring I thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world, I thought it was nicer than some pro rings honestly. Fast forward to today and now my opinion has changed. These rings the Kansas City Royals received are just impressive. A gold base with a diamond face and a slick looking KC logo on the front. Custom-cut blue sapphires were used to create the KC logo and it is outlined in yellow gold. The words “World Champions” are at the top and bottom in yellow gold, and a cluster of round diamonds are set on a field of 14-karat white gold that make up the front of the ring. The Royals lost to the Mets 2-0. Noah Syndergaard looked good and his slider looked even better as the Royals only got three hits off of him.


Meek Mill Remix’s Summer 16

Last week Meek Mill posted a video of him singing along to his remix to Summer 16. Today we now have that whole song. He also goes in on Dessigners Panda, (click here to listen to the whole song). Meek does not take any direct shots at Drake, but does call out the haters and some other silent shots. Dreamchasers 4 is suppose to be dropping soon. There is no set date however, I think Meek might fool around and drop DC4 around or a little after Drakes Views From the 6 comes out, how it will compete well… lets just say if Meek does happen to do this it would not be the smartest business move seeing where he stands to the public eye now that Drake has him on the ropes in their so called beef.meek

Mike Tyson Pulls a Steve Harvey on Twitter

Mike Tyson last night posted to twitter congratulating the University of Connecticut Women’s basketball team… kind of. Tyson posted on his twitter page “Congrats to #UniversityofCincinnati #WomenBasketballteam for national championship win. Four years in a row. #Awesome.” Well Mike Cincinnati did not even make the women’s tournament. Second how do you not know that UConn women’s team won, they have to be the best Dynasty in the 21st century I do not care what sport you compare them to. They have lost 5 games since 2013, and have won 4 consecutive National Championships. There is no more to say to Mike then… come on man!steve harv



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